Friday, May 13, 2011

موقع السفارة السورية في باريس يُخترَق

حتى على الإنترنت يفشل المسؤولون عن الأمن في ضمان الأمن

متى يعود موقع السفارة إلى نشر محتواه الأصلي المهترئ؟

Monday, May 09, 2011

I hereby declare my strong disagreement with @RevolutionSyria

First, I disagree with the name. @RevolutionSyria may be understood as if the person or group bearing that name represents the bulk of the revolution in Syria. However, nobody represents it yet (which may be part of its difficulties, by the way,) so spare me the pompous name.

Second, I disagree with the intention as announced in the Arabic part of the title of their Facebook page which translates into "The Syrian Revolution Against Bashar Al-Assad". I am no fan of the man who lost many reform opportunities and was appointed rather than elected. Having said that, a revolution cannot be defined by what it opposes but by its objectives. Also, why single out Al-Assad when there is a whole gang acting as if the country is its own farm?

Third, @RevolutionSyria tweets this today:

Not a big fan of Sen Lieberman but his speech last week about syria was on point. We thank him and encourage...

Now, what the hell are you thanking that Zionist for? And why thank anyone who says half a truth (as opposed to a full lie) for once in his life from the comfort of the US Senate?

From now on, if I ever retweet something by @RevolutionSyria, it will be to criticise it.