Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Born Again

It seems that George Bush Junior is a born-again Christian. Whatever that really means, this is what the man himself claims to be in his autobiography-style book "A Charge to keep" (see chapter 10 of the book if you can stand it.)

A thought crosses my mind: Rather than being born again, wouldn't it have been more natural, more straightforward, more time saving, and more beneficial for Bush Junior to simply grow up?


Amr Faham said...

that's great!!

Sami D. said...

"Born-again Christian" has been hijacked to mean a few narrow things, some good, some bad. A better one could be "born-again caring human", but I am sure that that too would be hijacked by the plunderers to mean the opposite of what they do, as an ideological cover to conquest. But the whole idea of "Born again" is weird. Why not just be something, instead of being "born-again" into it? Unless it is for public, show-off purposes maybe?

no one said...


Hashem said...

Hi Gottfried, I don't know if you remember me, we shared comments on Rime Allaf's blog. I just came across your blog whilst searching. Good luck with that.

Good entry, I have to say though that this is Bush's main tactic. By being born again and again and again and again he will *never* grow up :)


GottfriedStutz said...

Thanks Hachem. Welcome. I hope that I'll be able to update my blog more often.