Sunday, February 05, 2006

إلى مُضرمي النّار في السّفارات

أمّا بعد،

أهكذا يكون الدّفاع عن دينكم؟ أتحرقون بناءً آمناً ذا حَصانة تكريماً للرّسول الّذي قال "من دخل دار أبي سفيان فهو آمن، ومن دخل المسجد فهو آمن، ومن أغلق باب داره فهو آمن"؟

أن تغضبكم رسومٌ عنصريّةٌ نشرها كارهون للإسلام فهذا بديهيّ. أن تقاطعوا البضائع الدّنمركيّة فهذا مفهوم. أمّا أن تتركوا غضبكم ينقلبُ حقداً على ضيوف بلدكم وأن تزيدوا سمعة وطنكم تشويهاً فهذان أمران مرفوضان.

لَم تستفيدوا و لَم تفيدوا لا سَلِمَت أيديكُم و لا أيدي مَن حرَّضكم، و السّلام.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Unknown Syrian - Part 2: More information

OK, by giving so little information, I may have been a bit nasty. Sorry. OK, here are more details which, I am afraid, will not be of much more help. However, the extraordinary story of that Unknown Syrian is worth the patience, believe me. Anyway, here we go:

  • Our man was born in 1910 and died in 1997. He spent his childhood and teenage in Damascus, then left for France where he lived until his death.
  • He studied medieval theatre history at the Sorbonne (University of Paris.)
  • The portrait of him which I included in my earlier message (part 1) was taken in France in 1948.
  • He was neither a politician nor a military.
  • He is not a well-known figure in Syria, and only theatre specialists in France know his name.
  • He saved lives indeed but when? Where and how? That is going to be partly revealed in part 3.

The plot thickens!