Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who gives a sh#t about the Israeli elections?

Who will win?

The colonisers or the colonisers?
The killers or the killers?
The occupiers or the occupiers?
The racists or the racists?
The terrorists or the terrorists?

Why should I give a flying about it?


أُمنيّة said...

realize this with me.
there was a report on the news on why some palastinians do not vote for the palastinian party- i don't know its name-.
one answered , we did vote before, the minute they sat on the chair, they forgot all about their promises!!

GottfriedStutz said...

I agree Umnia.
There are actually several Palestinian Israeli parties. At least four. They are not united and don't form coalitions. They won the right to run but what for? They have neither honest candidates nor credibility.

Anyway, and that's not to excuse them, one of the two major coalitions will win, and it will be more suffering for the Palestinians whichever side wins.