Sunday, September 17, 2006

السّوريّون يرفضون الصّمت

محمود عيسى
ميشيل كيلو
خليل حسن
أنور البنّي
سليمان الشمري
علي عبد الله
محمّد علي عبد الله
كمال اللبواني
فاتح جاموس
حبيب صالح
عارف دليلة

معتقلون لأنّهم مجرمون
مجرمون لأنّهم ظنّوا بسذاجة أنّهم في بلد يمكن لمواطنيه أن يعبّروا عن رأيهم بحرّيّة
أحرار إذا رفضنا الصّمت
معتقلون إلى أن نرفض الصّمت

لننضمّ جميعاً إلى الحملة المطالبة بتحريرهم


Yazan said...


btw, still waiting for the name of that unknown Syrian.

Tsedek said...

Gottfried, I've sent you an email with the name of this hero (the unknown Syrian).

Pls don't think it's spam or something,

Stay safe,

Fares said...

TY Gottfried Stutz, excellent post. Glad I have your voice and support on the prisoners issue.

Patrick8700 said...

Maybe this is too difficult to me to understand!!!ihih
Hi Gottfried I'm the guy you argued with on the damascene blog about Hezbollah-Israel clashes...are you ok??
If you want please visited my new-born blog!

GottfriedStutz said...

Hi Patrick,

I don't remember that we argued. I remember that we discussed. :-)

I'm OK, but very very busy unfortunately. I'm glad to be invited to visit your blog. Will do that and keep in touch whenever possible.

Patrick8700 said... english plays tricks on me :)
Bye Bye

GottfriedStutz said...

Tsedek, thank you for your message. Yes, you got the name right! You are the third person who did, so I have to post the response soon (Yazan, thanks for the patience), but until then, please keep the info to yourself.

Patrick, I went ot your blog. Nicely presented, but you surely know that I don't agree with your assessment of Oriana Fallaci's intellectual merits (and I do not define myself as religious, by the way.) Anyway, that's for another debate.

Also, I do have a little issue with your description of the Pope as "the major authority of the most wide-spread religion in the world." He is the major authority of Catholicism, not of Christianity. The Orthodox and the Protestants do not consider him so.

Fares said...

GS, down to 5!
Jamous is out, who is next?