Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Armenian Genocide Rememberance Day

An estimated 250 Armenians were arrested on the night of 24 April, 1915, then came executions, expulsion, starvation and mass murder.

To this day, humanity has not found a cure for mass murder. The least we can do is commemorate and try to understand.


Fares said...

GS, you confused me big time with the error in the year 2005!!!!! instead of 1915. I was like what happened that I never heard about it the last 2 years.

Yes we should remember all the Armenians who were massacred or had to run away in these dark days.

In fact my brother in law is Armenian and there is a big community of Armenians in Aleppo who contribute to Syria a great deal.

You want to hear a story of relatives of my brother in law, they win the story of refugees award. His ancestors ran away from Turkey to Palestine as refugees (some of the family were killed in Turkey), then they became Refugess in Lebanon along with palestinians following 48, then they had to Leave Lebanon to Canada because of the civil war and Aoun in 89. Some of the family is still there and they were thinking of going to Cyprus then Canada following the Isreali attack on Lebanon last summer...this is a one story of tragedies in the middle east.

GottfriedStutz said...

Hi Fares,

I stand corrected. I just modified the text.

Yes, the Armenian community all over Syria and Lebanon became very quickly highly active and involved in the host countries. It is quite amazing not only to observe their achievements but also to realise how strongly patriotic they are about Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.

Your story is very touching. I would love to know more. This is the kind of story which begs to be published. Would your relatives consider that?

Fares said...

GS, I'll ask and I'll let you know

GottfriedStutz said...

Hi Fares,
Thanks. Yes, please do.

Fares said...

GS email me and I'll send you a useful email faressyria1@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...


My family's story beats your brother in Law's family story!


And it started with the 1915 genocide.


GottfriedStutz said...


Thanks for your e-mail. I'll write soon and keep you in copy.


Do you mind telling me more? Do you mind if I publish your story or an abridged version of it?
You can write to me at: gottfried_stutz@yahoo.com