Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What the Hell is That?!!!

Yes, do click on the picture to see the damage more in detail:

- A beautiful, unique house is collapsing.
- Wires all over the place.
- Utter neglect.

While the Municipality of the City of Damascus and the Ministy of Culture were taking a leave from their responsibilities by approving what came to be known as the King Faisal Street Project (or the KFSP), the city itself kept rotting more each day.

The KFSP seems to be halted for the moment. Isn't it time for the Municipality, the Ministry and "Maktab Anbar" to suggest a plan to save the old city instead of building malls in the air for imaginary tourists and investors?

For the record, I took this picture in January 2007. This house is in the "Street Called Straight". I don't know to whom it belonged or belongs and what is going to become of it. What I do know, however, is that it should be renovated.

What can we do? Any suggestions?

More pictures of damage soon. I look forward to being able to post pictures of houses in a better shape..

1 comment:

Yazan said...

I think i have a photo of the same house back home,

Its quite sad.