Friday, May 25, 2007

A Word about the Upcoming Presidential Poll in Syria



Yazan said...

Can I use that...?

GottfriedStutz said...

What do you mean by "use"?
- Link to my blog? Absolutely yes.
- Say "no" yourself? At your own risk :-)

GottfriedStutz said...

Oh, I see. You used it already. I should have filed for copyright :-)

It's OK, Yazan. If I may allow myself to be picky, I would say that instead of "See also Gottfried Stutz", I would have liked to read "Copyright Gottfried Stutz" or "naqlan 3an Gottfried Stutz." Nah, you don't have to do that, man. It's all right. What matters is that you are expressing yourself.

By the way, I read your previous blog entry. I LOVE that film about Saadallah Wannous. Amiralay just let go and produced his most emotional and sober piece of work to date.

Yazan said...

When I saw your post the first time, it hit me hard...
that, forget all reasoning, it's just that... literal, and utter... "No"

btw, how about, "We say No,"? ;)

because, I am hoping more people will pick it up on their blogs...

Yazan said...

yeah, and I totally agree about Saadallah Wannous'
it is by far my favorite...
It is very painful though... very.

GottfriedStutz said...

Hello again Yazan,

Yes, I saw the change on your blog. No problem, man. It actually sounds better.

I'm going to keep my post as it is though, precisely because you said that it hit you hard. That's the greatest encouragement I can get.

I, too, hope that other people will pick it up, just for the sake of hearing a few clear No's in this awful concerts of Yes's. I'm not good at spreading the word, and I suppose that people in Syria would not dare say No whereas people abroad can afford it. Let me tell you, though, that I once voted No there and it didn't hurt me at all (but then it didn't make any difference either, eh?)

I think that I'll do some "campaigning" tomorrow. After all, there are less than two days left.

Anonymous said...

I can understand your Arabic letter NO as just a statement for the referendum poll taking place tomorrow. However don't you agree with me that sending the embassies faxes with our names with big NO is much better! Immigrants outside Syria should not be afraid from showing their names and their opinions, it is not our vote but it is our way of support to the people inside who been slaved and they can not speak their minds.

GottfriedStutz said...

I agree while noticing that you remain anonymous :-)

Seriously, whether with names or not, a large number of "no" faxes sent from several numbers is quite a good idea. Similarly, sending them e-mails can be quite vocal. Here are a few addresses:

Ottawa: or

This is all public information, available on the Internet.

I think that the e-mails should have started earlier, but it is still possible to make an impact.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I posted as an anonymous because I do not have an account with Google.
thank you for your help

GottfriedStutz said...

Sami, I'm glad to help :-)
I'll do some e-mailing myself tomorrow during poll hours.
Thanks for having checked my blog.

no one said...

وبعد ؟

ما استغربه في كل من يقول كلمة (لا) أنها تطرح سؤالا آخر

وبعد ؟

وبعد أن نختار (لا) في الاستفتاء .
وبعد أن يسقط النظام الأسدي ؟؟


Yazan said...

no one,

We've given many hours for solutions, for replacements, there are many people spilling their hearts out there, if you are interested you would go and read michel kilo's defense statement [to name one]. Personally, I think it has a much more viable, feasible and national project than anything this regime has been implementing.

But now at this point, No, is meant as a clear message, as a one word. When one individual takes over the country and names it after him "Souria al-Assad" you say No, to him, you say No to his policy, you say No to the absolute disregard of your most basic rights... but because he considers himself the country, because he IS the policy, and he IS Syria... u say, simply. NO.

No, I dont want my country named after him. does that answer your question?

GottfriedStutz said...

I agree with Yazan completely.
"No one", it's not for lack of ideas, even though very few transformed into a real project for Syrian society. This is referedum day, and on that day it is impossible, unconcievable, for me to say yes.

The Syrian Brit said...

I must say I have opted for 'No-Vote', rather than a 'No' vote..
I just couldn't bring myself to vote in this farcical display of sycophancy.. I felt my mere attendance at the polling centre means I am condoning this indespicable circus...

no one said...

i'm afraid no.

i'm not with Bashar neither i'm with him. simply i don't belive that if any one takes his place, he will be willing to do any better, or he won't name Syria after his family, or make the country an inheritage for his children, or simply give you your rights.

if keeping Bashar will save the country from rivers of blood, then let him stay.

GottfriedStutz said...

"No one". Did you check with the 10 million Syrian adults before "believing that no one can take his place" without corruption and without "rivers of blood"?!!!

no one said...

did you?

The Syrian Brit said...

No one,
Your assumption is ludicrous.. it is exactly what Assad and his cronies have been brainwashing the masses with, and you are helping propagate that myth...
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of competent, highly skilled and highly educated, honest, patriotic and trustworthy Syrians awaiting the opportunity to serve their Country in an official capacity, but are excluded because they are not Ba'athists or because they are not willing to suck it up to the Regime..
A 'No' vote (or, as in my case, a 'No-vote') would, if nothing else, show that we will not be fooled...

GottfriedStutz said...

"No one", you are reversing the order of things. It is you who is claiming that everyone would be corrupt. It is not up to me to prove that you can find one Syrian adult who can be less corrupt and despotic than the Assad/Makhlouf clan.

That's what elections are about: more than one candidate. This is not an election, so the answer is NO!

Yazan said...

I cant agree more with with SB and GS,

is that how highly you think of Syria? and Syrians?
I donno about you, but my standards for syria are much higher than that... actually i think its very sad that they got us to a point where we settle for someone like Bashar, this is a very sad level of self esteem... as a population.

Its simply sad.

Hammam said...

Hay guys,
Looks like I joined too late :)

First I wanted to tell GS that the Poll (or elections) I started on ra2yak.googlepages IS meant to be Elections although what’s happening on ground IS NOT!
And according to my little but significant poll, it looks that Assad didn't get a lot of votes compared to his competitors, I wonder where all his supporters disappear?! The poll is a way to defeat Bashar's regime theory of one loved candidate and nothing else.

I checked the "NO" option in the embassy in Prague but I didn't post it on my blog yet, I believe this can still be done! Btw… why we don't call it: the anti-referendum campaign?

What “NO ONE” is saying is a legitimate question, people in Syria should see the alternative, and Khadam- Bayanouni looks like not tempting at all. I believe that changing personas doesn’t mean anything, what has to be changed is the constitution and laws that everybody should respect and abide to. Under a just and fair constitution where the Executive Authorities are separated form Legislative, where the rule of law guarantees equality to all parties, No Bashar, Khadam or Bayanouni are really important.

What the Syrian people lack is believing in the Idea that we should respect law and raise our children to respect it, not break it the minute we can if no one was looking.

What Syrian people need to have is to accept the different “Other” and respect his right to exist and thrive without threats nor exclusion.

To direct our spotlight to the wrong corner is as misleading as what the regime is doing!
After all, Free people can never be ruled by dictators!

Anonymous said...

Also what from this follows?

Anonymous said...
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