Monday, May 14, 2007

The US Military Copies the Syrian Regime

All of us who thought that the Syrian regime was "backwardly" should recognise that it is in fact far ahead of its time. Its qualities and methods are recognised by none other than the US Department of Defense!

Just read this: "Military puts MySpace, other sites off limits".

One day, they will even learn the verb
حجب , i.e. "to veil" or "to screen off". The English language is so poor that it has to struggle with no less than four words - "to put off limits" - to express this ultimate Baathist cyberconcept.


Rime said...

Sharrou al baliati ...

Sometimes you just have to ask who's learning from whom! After all, they work so well together when they want to - just ask Maher Arrar. It's a wonder they don't get along any better, those guys.

GottfriedStutz said...

I agree with you Rime.

As for getting along, I think that there is some kind of cat-and-mouse "chemistry" between the US Administration and the Syrian regime which is worth being studied more closely.

I really had in mind the case of Arrar when I wrote this, by the way. Incredible that you mention that.