Saturday, May 19, 2007

Should Syrian Women Vote?!!!

I just read this interesting article:

Here is the situation as I understand it:
  • You are a Syrian woman.
  • Your husband is a foreigner.
  • You have children.
As a result:
  • Your children are not considered Syrian by the Powers that be. Some Syrian law says so (but not the Syrian constitution which bans such discrimination.)
  • Your children will need a visa whenever you decide to go back to Syria to see the family.
Isn't that strage? The law considers you a second class citizen, but you will still be encouraged, not to say required, to vote for the only candidate out there. He had seven full years to restore some dignity to you but did not do so.

Should you vote?
No one but you can answer.


Fares said...

Excellent GS, very powerfull stuff...

GottfriedStutz said...

Thanks Fares. It just sounds logical, doesn't it?

I should have typed this in Arabic, I think. I'll do that in another blog entry.

The Syrian Brit said...

This is not just some hypothetical question.. it is a very real one for many people..
We have a friend, a Syrian lady, married to a British chap, and has two boys.. She needs a visa for them every time she goes home for a visit..
I wonder whether they will be called up for Military Service when they reach 18!..

GottfriedStutz said...

Hi Syrian Brit,

Yes, I agree completely with you. This is a real problem, and it is insulting for Syrian women altogether. The law allowing that should be abolished altogether.