Monday, August 25, 2008

Anything missing in this picture?

Oh yes, that country. What was its name? Eye-rack? And the other place... er... Af-gaanis-tan, right?

The two main US military engagements (both failed already, if you ask me - or even if you don't) are nowhere to be mentioned today (August 25, 2008) among the top stories on the most mainstream site of the most mainstream US TV channel - "mainstream" at least for viewers outside the US.

Oh yes, there's a little title hidden somewhere about Jill Carroll, but she is one of "us", and the whole affair is really old news.

Apart from lip service to "our boys out there", the benefits of "liberation" and the "insufficient armour", do you want to bet that Iraqis and Afghans will not be among the themes of the US presidential campaign?

Something else missing? What about other parties and candidates?

Since the race is tight, according to CNN's own polls (I'm not linking to CNN. I'll do it only when I want to blast or praise one of its items), shouldn't those parties be included in the "math", let alone including them for the mere sake of democracy?

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