Tuesday, August 19, 2008

US Democrats beware: The Pakistanis did it!

Under the threat of an impeachment procedure, Mushrraf finally resigned.
The American political system remains unable to produce such a democratic opportunity.

The Cheney/Bush Administration (no, it's not the Bush/Cheney Administration) goes on committing crime after crime but here is how Nancy Pelosi sums up her voluntary cowardice shamelessly: "You can't talk about impeachment unless you have the facts, and you can't have the facts unless you have cooperation from the Administration." Just imagine an Administration willing to cooperate in order to chop off its own head!!!

In the meantime, Iraqis and Afghans keep getting murdered and their countries plundered under US occupation.

What could we make of that?
Does Pakistan have a healthier political system than the US of A?

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